Is That A Sand worm?

Cendra, ghost female elf elder, on Grey and Barrett’s watch the ghost city Zyr-taras: Dark Lord’ city. Rest of the night goes peacefully till morning. After breaking up camp we proceed to continue on our journey, with Lorona up front scouting with Barrett next in line followed by Fretnor side by side with Grey. Kon Eb is next in line and I’m taking up the rear, ten feet behind Kon Eb. So I’m rear guard.

Traveling for about two hours Lorona sees a disturbance in the sand, possibly burrowing towards us. She orders us to halt. Doing so , we prepare for a possible problem. The area being disturbed is about fifteen feet wide by sixty feet long. Fretnor has a bad feeling about this and cast Bless. Grey casts Mass Haste on us. Kon Eb and Grey cast Sheild on themselves. The creature then moves underneath the party.

Kon eb is attacked by a giant maw, making his riding skill check, he stay on top of his camel. But he and his camel are being swallowed whole. We next figure out who goes in what order. Kon eb then Barrett, Fretnor, Lorona, Grey, Brunor then the worm. We cannot see Kon Eb so we don’t know what’s going on. Hopefully he is still alive, we begin the fight.

Barrett does a five step and then attacks for a good hit four out of five times. Brunor yells out “Aim for the end, because if you hit the head to much it might retreat backwards and Fretnor is trying to cast _ Hold Monster_.” This appears to have worked. Not knowing Kon Eb was able to cast Dimension Door to get out. His camel was lost. Lorona shoots four arrows, all of them hitting.Grey the mage cast 2 Cold Orbs and hits with both. (Nice) Brunor the dwarf fighter takes 4 attacks with his hammer and hit with all 4 not knowing it is already dead.

Kon Eb appears by us hurt but alive. Barrett starts to cut into the giant worm to find the camel. Unfortunately it is already dead. Fretnor cast Cure Light Wounds on Kon Eb, who washes off the acid from himself. Grey cast Detect Magic to see if the worm swallowed something magically, unfortunately not.

Kon Eb is now sharing a camel with Lorona. Both of them are up front scouting. Followed by Barrent then Fretnor side by side with Grey. Once again I’m Taking up the rear guard. (No wise crakes please.)

Alakash (or Midnight at the Oasis)

Venturing into the Great Desert, the team defeated a giant Scorpion that had been plaguing travelers and desert dwellers for some time. They managed to do this despite taking massive damage, thanks to some powerful attacks and lucky strikes from both ground and air. Thus began the team’s adventures in the Great Desert.

Continuing forward, the team encountered a band of Nomads travelling through the desert to search for and slay monsters that had been threatening their Oasis, Alakash. The Nomads invited the team to visit Alakash and, sensing the team was not from these parts, briefed them on local customs and protocols.

The team eventually reached Alakash in the afternoon and wasted no time getting settled in. They purchased many exotic goods, and sold many from the party booty. They also got acquainted with Akhmed, the local stable boarder, who offered the team a great deal for boarding their horses and renting camels (100 gp for week for horses, 100 gp per camel per week). Once the team settled their business, the sampled the local culture and festivities, attending the Feast of Setra—the god of the sun (likely a Neutral deity).

Several dancing girls took interest in Brunor the Dwarven fighter (“Not hairy enough”, he complained), Grey, and Lorona. As expected, Dirk struck out; guess some ladies are just not brave enough to fly with him. The day after the Setra feast, the team did some research for the trip ahead. They found out that 3 years ago, a large dragon flew in from the Northeast, flew over Alakash, and continued heading Southwest. Nobody could determine the type of dragon, only that it was quite large. As the team headed Northeast from Alakash, many villagers wondered why they were going that way, and were likely placing bets on how long before the intrepid strangers would meet their doom.

Several hours out of town, the team pitched tents for the midday rest from the sun. Then Dirk heard something and alerted the team. Initial scouting confirmed the team’s worst fears: 2 swarms of scarabs were heading toward the camp. With Lenora and Grey levitating and Dirk doing aerial attacks, the rest of the team lit fires around the tents and prepared to fight the swarms. While the flames had some effect, these swarms were clearly enchanted with some kind of fire protection. Again with luck, resourcefulness, and the right mix of spells and strategy, the team prevailed and pressed on.

A Rubber Chicken?

It has been three days since the group left. The group was traveling in the forest when a practically naked man started running at Kon Eb waving what looked like a rubber chicken, for he was the last of the party. Puzzled Kon Eb wondered what the naked man wanted, so he waited for him to catch up. However, when the guy got there he attacked with the rubber chicken.

Kon Eb felt his body stiffen. Thinking what the hell? Locking at what was in his hand, it looked liked the fabled cockatrice. A dead one. Brunor then rush in to help attack the near naked man.Lorona staed back and was her bow at the guy. Kon Eb cast Mage Armor making it harder to hit him, he hopes. The naked man attacked again, with three hits on Brunor and two on Kon Eb. The others attacked again causing the guy more damage, but he would not stop. He attacked again another three on Brunor and two on Kon Eb. Kon Eb then cast Magic Missle. Still up. Damn, what the hell is this guy made of?

Thinking that if this was to go on longer he would at least get this guy. When the guy attacked the the fourth time, once again Kon Eb felt his body stiffen. Getting ready to cast Fire Sheild. The guy dies by one of Lorona’s arrows. Brunor tries to move the Bird like thing away with a sword. But Kon Eb is so pissed off at the almost dead guy, knowing a way to preserve him, picks up the chicken like thing and turns to stone. Brunor Then laughs out loud and starts rolling on the ground. Fretnor cast Stone to Flesh on Kon Eb and says “Don’t do that again.”

Slightly pissed off at the still laughing Brunor. Who then calms down enough to ask ” After being attacked by that thing why would you pick it up?” His response is “How the hell was he able to hold it then without turning to stone?” After searching the guy they found out that he was wearing gauntlets which still does not make sense to Kon Eb For he should still turn to stone anyways for the guy was holding it. But live and learn more knowledge for the magic school that Kon Eb plans to open.

Forrest Stumps?

The group decided to get some rest for the night and head out in the morning. They leave the city an start there journey to recover the book. Around the afternoon Lorona and Dirk spot something moving in the trees. They wait on guard for trouble. It is coming closer. Low and behold it is something like Treants that is moving towards them.

Dirk with his sword still out sees that it is treeant like creature and puts it away. Brunor says to them “See we mean no harm.” He see them look down at him and attack. The rest of the treeant like creatures attack as well. Lorona say to the party “Don’t worry there bark is worst than there bite.” Lorona struck with a brilliant idea cast Fear ,then yells at the one nearest him “RUN FORREST RUN!” To bad they are immune to mind affects. Brunor not attacking, tries to get his warpony to back up and away from the Treeant like beings. Brunor says back to Lorona “Stop branching out like that.” To which Lorona replies “Quit being such a sap.” The entities then attack.

Brunor Suggest that if they keep attacking that the group should try to leaf. Lorona looks badly hurt. Kon Eb looks like he got a bad scratch from them. Kon Eb cast Web and traps two of them. Dirk does some fly by attacks. At this time Brunor finally makes out of the main fight tells Fretnor that something is wrong with them, so why not try healing them. Fretnor then went to the nearest one and cast Heal. It brings that one out. Brunors here him say “What happen?” as he comes out of it. Lorona casts Flaming Sphere and attacks once, then keeps the sphere between her and the tree like creature. Kon Eb makes it out . Dirk is keeping the other busy . While Brunor hears the one attacking Lorona say “Ouch. Meany.” and tries to attack him. Fretnor then heads over to that one to cast _heal _, while the one whose mind was free tries to convince the others not to attack. The group then with draws from the fight. Wow, what an afternoon Kon Eb thinks.

A New Adventure Begins

After a few months of down time the group runs into Eng the monk. She tells them that she has a job for them. she tells them that the job is to retrieve a book from the wizard Arik’s tower. She has Kon Eb make a copy of it. While making a copy of it she tells them of the dangers that awaits them on there travels. Once finish, she says that she has to get back to the temple. She is gone no more than 30 seconds when the group hears an ear piercing scream coming from outside.

Brunor Broadsword then yells “GET OUT OF THE WAY!!” as he does a bull like rush towards the door. Around 30 feet away she lays on the ground with a battle axe in her back and a hand axe in her front. Brunor Guesses which way she was attacked and takes off. His other three companions, then makes it towards the door. Lorona checks her body and the ground and figure that the attacker is headed for the gates. The three of them take off in the same direction that Brunor went.

Now Brunor who is about 300 feet away from the city wall see a shadow climbing up it. Brunor then runs full tilt with the boots of sprinting and striding on and jumps. Splat! He hit the wall at the same level as the attacker. Brunor then starts to climb ignoring the attacker.

The rest of the party loses the trail at a big intersection. Where they are spotted by a town guard. He asked them what all the big hurry. They tell him what happened to there friend. He calls for other guards and they sound an alarm. Not knowing which way to go, the group follows Brunor. They get to around 100 feet away from the wall and sees that Brunor and the attacker are near the top. Kon Eb cast Dimension Door and appears on the other side of the wall. Brunor reaches the top of the wall first and take a quick look around. The attacker rolls over the top while dropping a snake, and lands at the bottom of the other side of the wall. Kon Eb quickly cast Lightning Bolt which the attacker evades.

Brunor not noticing a snake biting him, jumps from the top of the wall onto the attacker and starts to grapple with him. On the other side Lorona and Fretnor reaches the wall. Lorona then starts climbing up the wall using the attacker rope. Fretnor waits his turn at the rope. While grappling Brunor bites the attacker on the neck and then the ear. He bites the ear completely off. Kon Eb then casts Web. Brunor and the attacker evade the spell. While evading the attacker manages to get himself turned around in Brunors grip and then proceeds to bite Brunors nose. Lorona reaches the top and looks down. Seeing that the attacker is a Banth. He immediately fires a shot and hit the attacker. Which causes more damage than normal from electrical shock. However, Brunor gets zapped also for he was holding onto the Banth at that time.

Looking up and seeing that Lorona is at the top of the wall he yells out “Watch out for snakes.” At which point Fretnor who was nearing the top says “Snakes.” in a frightful tone as he loses his grip falls back down. Kon Eb then cast Magic Missle which actually hits the attacker. While thinking “Dodge this.” Barely conscious now he receives a headbutt from Brunor. which knocks him out.He is relived of most of his items before the guards gets there. They then accompany the guards and tell them what has happened. Fretnor cast Speak With Dead to see if Eng wants to be brought back to life. A suggestion made by Kon Eb.When brought back She tells the guards what happened to her. The group found that he did not have the map on him that he stole from her. She says that the Temple would more than likely not mind, if she waited one more day before returning.


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