The Sad Lady of Zyr-Tanari


It is said that Ixtol hated all beautiful things. So it must have been that the Eldar, Golin and Silda, particularly infuriated him.

Golin was a plantshaper, and from the tiniest of miniature trees, to the legendary trunks of Zol Lyridor, plants grew to his whim. He fashioned not only living houses and furniture, but great works of art. Quiet and serious, he devoted his life to his craft.

If Golin was light, then Silda was his shadow, joyous and laughing, quick to smile or burst into song. She too was an artist, an arranger of crystals. When the light from the stars would hit them they would send rainbow ribbons of light all around, and she would dance in the light to music only she could hear.

It was inevitable that these two polar opposites would meet. They became rivals, seeking to outdo each other…and then lovers. Soon, they were inseparable, drawing inspiration from each other. Indeed, today they are more known for their devotion to one another than for their art, all of which is lost to time.

Then Ixtol captured them and imprisoned them in his tower. For the waxing and waning of one moon he kept them there. And then he simply released them. But Golin and Silda would not look at each other, and walked off on different roads.

Golin went to his old home, and never spoke another word, turning away visitors with a rude gesture. Weeks past, and he built a pyre, then hacked down the tree that formed his house. Finally, he walked into the sea, never to be seen again.

Silda disappeared from history. I had thought, as did many, that the Eldar had long passed from this world. Yet it was revealed to me and my companions that she still lives, in the far away citadel of Zyr Tanari, where she rules as ‘The Sad Lady’ or ‘The Lady of Sorrow’.


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