Kon Eb

A short halfelf with blue eyes and balck hair. who is interested in magic.


character Name Kon Eb Sorcerer\Dragon Disciple 10\2 Race Half Elf Alignment Chaotic Good Health 83 DR 2\- Initative 3=3+0 Experience 70,071 <table>

Armor Class
Total Base Armor Bonus Shield Bonus Dex Mod Size Mod Natural Mod Misc Mod
22 10 5 0 3 0 0 3
Ability Ability score Ability mod Temporary Score Temporary Mod
str 16 +3 0 0
dex 16 +3 0 0
con 16 +3 0 0
int 16 +3 0 0
wis 10 0 0 0
cha 18 +4 22 +6
Saving Throws Total Save Base Ability Mod Magic Mod Misc Mod
Fortitude 12 6 3 0 3
Reflex 9 3 3 0 3
Will 10 7 0 0 3
Attack Total Base Attack Bonus Ability Mod Size Mod Misc Mod
Melee 9 6 3 0 0
Ranged 9 6 3 0 0
Weapon Total att bonus damage critical Range Weight Type size
Short Spear 9 1d8+2 x3 20’ 5lbs. p l
Light Crossbow 9 1d8 19-20×2 80 6lbs. p s
Morningstar +2 11 1d8+2 x2 0 8lbs.p\b t
Skill Name Key Ability Total Ability Mod Ranks Misc mod
Alchemy int 5 3 2 0
Climb str 3 2 1 0
Concentration con 17 3 8 6
Craft(caligraphy) int 6 3 3 0
Craft(sculpting) int 5 3 2 0
Knowledge Arcana int 15 3 12 0
Knowledge Religion int 4 3 1 0
Listen wis 3 0 2 1
Move Silently dex 5 3 0 2
Profession(scribe) wis 5 0 5 0
Profession(cook) wis 1 0 1 0
Ride(horse) dex 4 3 1 0
Spellcraft int 11 3 8 0
Spot wis 6 0 6 0

Gear Tent(keeps air cool inside), Backpack, Bedroll, Calligraphy Kit, Cold Weather putfit, Light Crossbow, Flint And Steel, Hooded Lantern, 2 Pints of oil, Belt Pouch, 2 days worth Trail rations, sack, Short Spear, Spell Component Pouch, Wizard SpellBook, Waterskin, Bronze Medal, Climbers Kit, Winter Blanket, Masterwork Mighty Composite Longbow, Bag of holding type 1, Ring of Warmth, Ring Of Regeneration, Ring Of Protection +2, Bracer Of Armor +4, Zor Eb’s Dream Cloak,

Money cp 41 sp 47 gp 22,818 pp 32

Language: Common, Elvish, Draconic, Orcish,

Feats: Toughness, Extend Spell, Energy substitution (sonic), Combat Casting, Extra Slot 3level, Extra Spell 3 level,


Goal to run a Magic School of his very own. Background I grew up in a temperate, desert terrain. My home community was a village of about 78 people.My family didn’t have much direct income, we had access to resoruces through the arcane order.When it comes to social standing it is thusMy father(Elf) is a laborer, my mother(human)is a housemaid. Our home defense readiness isrudimentry at best. We are versed in basic use of clubs, spears, and knives in self defense and the defense of our home. Our private ethices is that we hold to the letter of the contract or agreement. Our public ethics is normal wich matches that of our private ones. Our religeous status is particapatory, we are a part of the arcane brotherhood. The family’s reputation is upstanding, but one or two are known to be disreputable. Our political view is radical, we are in open revolt against the current system and existing rulers. The family power structure is that of patriachy, male members control family. My ancestor of note is Ebb. He stood up against a dictaor, and followed his beleif in our god. Taking down the tyrant who belived himself to be king and god, but lost his life in the process. During early childhood we traveld enough to learn that the world is a big place with many different people in it. My formal education was mathimatics. when I learned a trade I took that of a scribe so that I could learn while doing my work. An early childhood event was that I survived an being kiddnapped by raiders. My Youth event was a great romance, which is still current. She likes me for my tnderness. A pivital event occured an I was force to become a displacement among sociaty. My parents are both alive and wealthy. I am a middle child I have one older sister and two older brothers. I also have two younger sisters. I can remeber my grandparents but they died. I have 16 relatives spread troughout the region.I have several friends who are companions but we are not that close. My enemy is a social rival. It was his fault that I I got kick out. I was wronged in a busines contract and when I pointed it out I was kicked out . It seem he has political conections. And I have alienated my instructor in the mystic arts. Now I have to figure it out on my own.

Kon Eb

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