Dirk Prat

A Rogue/Fighter capable of striking anyone, anytime, anywhere...even from above. Don't bother hiding from him, either.


HP: 86, AC 23 Favorite weapons: Mithral/Adamantium Long Sword and Mighty Composite Shortbow. Also has gauntlets of ogre strength, ring of invisibility, gem of true seeing (just try hiding from him), and boots of elvenkind (+5 move silent).


Dirk has pretty much been there, done that in his short life. He is an expert trapfinder and is a master of the sneak attack. While he is neutral, he is known to have something resembling compassion. He is the party scout and provides aerial support during battles. You see…during one adventure every member of the party was granted a wish. Dirk’s was the ability to fly. So now he does…with black dragon wings. They’re black because during that same adventure, the players discovered a powerful stone that corrupted people’s souls. Dirk touched the stone briefly and was forcibly stripped of it (his hand was smashed). As a result, he wears a glove over his right hand (now healed) since it is now blackened like a black dragon’s hide. His soul now slightly tainted, Dirk struggles to balance his rogue nature with his need to redeem himself.

Dirk Prat

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