Why Is It Always Dragons?

Just before the break in our journey (midday) Lorona sees 2 spires in the distance. Grey reminds us that “Whoever has the stolen map is either following us or is waiting for us.” Brunor asks “Should we stop now or continue?” Barrett suggest to the rest that “We should break for camp.” Brunor starts starts to groom his camel. Which looks at him nervously. Brunor not knowing that the people in the desert have sex with their camels(yuck). The camel relizes that brunor has no intention of humping it, relaxes.

The camp goes uneventful. We wake in the morning and travel for… about two hours and notice that in the distance the spires are not getting closer after three hours. It finally appears that we are getting closer to our destination. It is now getting dark so we break for camp. According to the map this should be the place.

Fist watch is Fretnor and Lorona. Their watch goes peacefuly. Second watch has Grey and Barrett. Barrent hears a fwhomph in the night. Like something is flying. However, nothing happens , their watch goes peacefuly. Third watch is Kon Eb and Brunor. Brunor sees something fly pass the cresant moon. Brunor who is no dummy points this out to Kon Eb. Kon Eb at first doubt his friend for he did not see it in the spot that Brunor indicated. But as he turns his head he sees the outline of the flying creature. They both watch as the creature lands on top of one of the spires. It then looks around and disappears.

In the morning They inform the rest of the party as they break camp. Grey using arcane knowledge says “It could be a Copper Dragon or a Blue Dragon if indeed it was a dragon.” Fretnor asks “What can we do to make preperations in case we are attacked by that thing that they saw last night?” Grey response “We might not have to fight it.” “I hope. I hope. I hope” Brunor mumbles to himself.

The party travels for about 45 minutes to an hour, til they then reach the spires. The spires are about 50’ at the baseand 120’ high. They don’t see any dragons yet. We all start to search. Lorona notice a debree pile or something in the distance about a half amile away in the distacne. We go to investigate. Same marching order as before. When we approach it, it appears to be a third spire that is smashed and broken. As we aproach it a large blue dragon burst out of it and prepares for a fight.

Barrett goes first, moves to his left away from us. Fretnor goes next and cast Prayer. Kon Eb dismounts and cast Fire Sheild on himself and moves 15’ to his right. Brunor then dismounts and moves 25’ to the right of the group. The dragon flies about 60’ to his right and yells “How dare you!!!” Lands and breath’s a lightnig boltat Kon Eb and Barrent who gets hurt by about 54 points worth. Which almost drop’s Kon Eb. Lorona dismounts and casts Mirror Image. Grey dismounts and then casts_ Bigsby’s Interposing Hand_, keeping the shimmering hand between himself and the dragon.

Barrett waits for Fretnor, who cast Heal on Barrent. Barretts says “Thanks” as he then charge and get an attack. The dragon takes his attack of oppertunity at Barrett and hits.(Ouch! That one hurt him.) Barrett swings Thud and hits (nice) “Back you big a@&*$@!.” Barrett is then shaken as he realizes that he is fighting a Blue Dragon. So he yells out his battle cry for his moral “For Gorak!” Kon Eb cast Hail Stones on the dragon which hit nicely. Brunor charges and swings and also hits nicely. The dragon enrages attacks Barrent with a claw, claw, bite combo and hits all three times. Barrent still stands. (Thats why you cast spells on your tanks.) Lorona with mirror Image still up Shoots four time and hits twice. (Not bad for a ranger.) Grey Moves up and cast _Cold Orb. It actualy gets through the spell resistance.

Fretnor moves and cast Hold Monster, this time it doesn’t work. Barrett attacks four times and hits twice for some nice damage. Kon Eb goes and cast Sonic Orb doing some damage. Brunor goes all out and attacks4 times. Three out of four hits nicely. Now on its last legs the dragonattacks barrentwith the combo claw, claw, bite and hits. Barrent is a real mess, but still standing. Lorona cast 2 _Lesser Sonic Orbs_and the dragon dies.

Barrett then falls to the ground and yells “Healer! I need a healer!” Fretnor then runs over and cast_heal_ on him. Grey then take about a half gallon of the dragons blood. Brunor then hammers out four canine teeth and takes out enough scales for a large sheild. We find the dragon’s hoard in one of the broken part of the tower. Which we of course take. While this is going on Lorona tracks down our camels and brings them back.



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