Uhg! Vampires.

We make it to the temple. The gates are rusted open. Oddly enough the temple is shaped like an Onk.When we approach the alter we hear the clinking of armor from behind us.Breunor turns around and sees a vampire coming down from the ceiling, saying ” Ah! Fresh meat.”

Breunor then yells “Kon Eb behind you on your right, I’m moving up.” Breunor move up and hit her. The battle then ensues. With Fretnor, Breunor,Grey and Kon Eb losing two levels.

After dispensing with them, we quickly follow the mist to the catacombs and search the coffins. Dirks finds one and stacks it,Breunor also finds one and stakes it. Kon Eb tells Breunor to help him load these two coffins into his Sky cloak. Fretnor cast Detect Evil. He find an emanating radiance from behind the wall at the end of the corridor.

They hear “You Best not have hurt my children,” coming from behind them. Breunor heads towards Fretnor while Barret heads forward to meet the threat. Grey cast Charm Monster it works, but breaks when gray asked something about Aton.the rest then attack the head vampire called Pirar Von Macht. Bruenor run and launches himself at the wall behind his shield. taking it down. Fretnor then moves in cuts himself on his hand or arm, Breunor could not see. This allows Aton to feed. Meanwhile, the others are attacking Macht. When Aton is free Macht senses it and says that they do not know what they have done. Brenor tells Aton about Macht who then cast quicken _ Disintegrate _. Macht is gone.Leaves for five minutes. Brenor gives Fretnor a cure Serious Wound potion. Fretnor then cast lesser restoration on the ones who lost levels.

Aton then returns, he then anwsers questions. He then wants us to take him to saint Cuthberts temple. Who are we to refuse. We then enter the temple much to the surprise of the priests and patrons that were in there. Breunor then ask him if he wants to o for a walk. the party then heads out to see the Archon. We get to the gate when we are asked who we are and do we have an appointment. Without cracking a smile Brunor then introduces himself then Aton. One guard races down the hallway and soon comes back with more guards.

We are then taken to the Archon. He ask what are aton intentions. He tells him. we discuss the goings on. Breunor then ask about the Archon intentions towards the temple. He ask if he can have it. After a little persuading he is allowed to have it. After all this a guard comes in and tells the Archon that there is an army marching on the city.



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