The War Begins

During our meeting with the Archon, messenger comes in saying that Slan’s army is marching on the city to make war with Archon. Archon asks Aton to scout, “Yeah right. Not!” is the reply. The Archon turns to us and Grey says “What do you want us to do?” The Archon uses one of his trump cards to try and contact Slan. We only hear part of the conversation. The Archon asks us if we want to do some recon. Dirk volunteers.

Dirk takes an invisibility potion and flies over Slan’s army. Dirk reports back to us. His army is coming from the north road with catapults, some type of wooden scorpion, self propelled ram or something. A beholder, three red dragons, two black dragons huge or better, troop size 100,000 men, 100,000 goblins & hobgoblins. A mixture of banth, bugbears and gnolls about 300,000 give or take. 10,000 Calvary and 1,000 war bear Calvary.

The city has 100,00 refugees about 25% could fight. 300,00 alive, 100,000 undead which about 33% of both could fight. and 10,000 elite undead which could fight. Loris comes in to where we are now followed by Samantha followed by Lady Fane, then Balthazar then Malichi. we start discussing tactics. Start handing out potions to who can use them and any equipment.

Finding out That the past Archon won’t allow the present Archon to retrieve the 10,000elite dead. We try and talk to them, but they don’t budge. The present Archon draws his sword and attacks the servants of the dead. One of the servants attacks and dies so do the rest of the servants of the dead. The last Archon attack the the first Archon and cuts his head off then eats his brain.(Disgusting) By eating the brain the Archon gets the knowledge needed to summon the 10,000 elite undead.

Bruenor and the Archon return to the tower and sees the approach of the army. Talking to the Archon, Bruenor sets up a line of credit for all of us to buy equipment we might need. Grey suggest that we buy scrolls of elemental immunity fire; Acid; Grey cast the spells on us at 8 p.m. and night falls.

It seams that the children of the night did not abounded the city. Lady Fane leads a night raid on the enemy. We learn that earth elementals are digging trenches to help the enemy.



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