The Blind

We are on the look out for Arkahn. We discuss where to look for him. which seems like hours to Kon Eb, but in real time is twenty minutes. We decide to go to the bone yard by way of Set’s temple.

On the way there we hear a scream.(Hopefully someone will hold Barret back) We move up and see a woman surrounded by seven humans, we think. Barret takes out Thud. The leader takes off his gnome made sunglasses. Grey is shaken, Everyone else is okay.The leader has no eyes instead there are chattering teeth. Lorona takes out two swords. The leader cast Haste then sheild.

Lorona moves up and attacks the nearest. The thug goes down.The one next to it attacks Lorona for some damage. Breunor runs and jumps over them to get at the ones in the back. Two thugs went after him. They both miss. Barrent goes after the leader. He jumps over the thugs and gets one attack and gets a hit. Kon eb cast Chain Missle which hit three of them and stops at the leader. A thug moves up and attacks Bruenor.

The leader cast Phantamsl Killer and Mirror Image. Lorona attacks and hit one nicely. One thug hit Lorona. Breunor goes and hits three times taking his down.Then attacks another. Grey cast Haste and then sommuns four Xorns.The Xorns attack the mirro images, the images disappears. Barret attacks the one on him then goes after the leader. Kon Eb cast Magic Missle on a thug and he bites the dust. Fretnor tries turning undead and succeeds.

The wizard cast Cone Of Cold catching Barrent partialy, and the innocent bystader. He follows up with fear. Hitting Kon Eb and two Xorns.Kon eb turns and goes in the opposite way that he leader is. Brenor goes and attacks one and fells it.He tells a Xorn to move out of the way. The leader takes damage from the Xorns. Grey cast Prysmatic Ray from a scroll. No damage on the leader. Barret misses on his first attack and hit one. Fretnor get to the bystander and cast Cure Moderate Wounds.

The wizard cast Glittering Dust which outlines Lorona and Fretnor. He then cast fireball. Lorona uses her bow and take out the leader with a nice shot. Breunor goes looking for Kon Eb for he is the only one that notice that he is gone. Grey ransacks the corpses. (Figures). We talk to the guards that come up . It turns out that the undead were a gruop that is called the Blind. For they all have weird things where there eyes should be. We escort the bystander home and then back track to Set’s temple.



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