Special Assignments

We are sent out to take care of the earth elementals. We teleport to the area of the huge earth elementals. Grey cast off a scroll Dismissal and one of them goes away. Bruenor and Barret attack one and does some damage. Fretnor casts Bless, Dirk and Lorona uses and hit. End of surprise.

Lorona uses a wand Orb of Sound. Gray cast Magic Missles. Bruenor attacks and hits with all three, doing some nice damage. Barrent goes and also hits with all three attacks. The fight goes on. We take out the three elemnetals and decide to leavethe for there are 100+ creatures heading this way.

We sleep for the night and get our next mission. It appears there is a sniper we need to find and take care of him or her or it now. Dirk uses the gem of true seeing to scout the area, but does not see the sniper. We teleport to the area and start scouting around the area. Dirk and Bruenor are invisbible. Let’s go hunting for Sniper.

We arrive and barrent gets an arrow in the chest, and we don’t see the poop. Barrent then goes for cover and more arrows head his direction. Lorona tells Kon Eb which direction the arrows came from and how far. Kon Eb cast Fireball at the area and hit something. Fretnor cast Prayer. Bruenor searches, Lorona cast haste, then takes a blind shotwith the bow and hits. The Sniper move and Bruenor sees him. tells Fretnor to inform the group after this spell no area affect spells.

Kon Eb cast Fireball again, misses for he targeted the wrong area. Bruenor move all out trying to get to the area. Lorona shoots her arrows one goes right through the eye and kills the elven sniper. Bruenor picks up the elf and we teleport back to the tower. There we do a cavaty search on the fallen sniper. We find a magic bow; magic quiver; magic leather armor; magical +3 ring of defense; some gold.

Archon send in the elite guard(undead. By the time the fighting is done about 100,000 enemies are is the elite guard. Our next assignment is to go to the Northwestwall where scorpian golems are attacking.



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