Scorpian Catapults

We teleport in and there are two golems(siege) and 10 goblins and hobgoblins and a few banths, we get surprise. Bruenor runs all out and jumps on to one of the golems. The golem hit on his attack of opportunity. Fretnor cast Bless, Lorona shoots a banth and it dies.Grey cast magic missile and kills one goblin. Dirk goes invisible. Barrent goes and cleaves a banth in two with his war hammer Thud then attacks the next one. Kon Eb cast Fireball kills three. Yelling out to Bruenor that he got three compared to his one.

Bruenor goes and hit twice for some damage. Fretnor goes and hit a banth. Lorona attacks a banth and down goes the banth. One of the golem goes and shoots a boulder at Kon Eb. He misses but Kon Eb takes shrapnel damage from the boulder. Grey summons a fire elemental on the other golem. Dirk attacks the golem that Bruenor is on and hits. The first golem attacks Bruenor twice and misses. Then uses his catapult and shoots another boulder at Kon Eb. Who take more splash damage. A banth then attaks Fretnor and misses. A hobgoblin attacks Fretnor and misses. Dirk gets an attack of opportunity on the hobgoblin misses. It attacks Fretnor and misses. Barrent goes and charges the enemies on Fretnor. He kills one then cleaves the other one killing it. Kon Eb pulls out his +3 morning star and charges the golem. Hitting the golem.

Bruenor attacks three times and hit with them. Fretnor moves up and attacks the golem. The golem get an attack of opportunity and hits. Fretnor returns the favor. Lorona shoots arrows at the golem with the fire elemntal on it, all three hit. The same golem shoots a boulder at Lorona and hit her with splash damage.Grey gets attaked they miss. Grey cast something at the golem with the fire elemental on it. Dirk goes after one of the golems hit on one attack and misses on the other. The first golem tries to throw Bruenor off, but he only did damage when moving. Dirk, Fretnor and Barrent gets an attack of opportunity on it and it goes down.Barrent moves toward the other golem and waits for Kon Eb. Kon Eb cast Ray of Deanimation and kills it. However, we are spotted by a black dragon.



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