Golem and the Paintings

Lorona and Fretnor watches go OK. On Grey and Barrett’ s watch, Barrett misses a check in at the two hour mark. Grey investigates and finds out that Barrett was nodding off. The rest of the watch goes uneventful. On third watch Kon Eb is up stairs and Brunor is downstairs, it was uneventful.

In the morning we head to the third floor. Dirk checks the door for traps and Barrett opens the door and as we walk into what appears to be a kitchen. Lorona sees paw prints in the dust.Possibly a dogs print. Brunor and everyone else searches and find another door and a barrel full of water. Grey open the door , it is a bathroom. The barrel is one of ever filled fresh water. Lorona searches the cupboards and finds silverware. A jeweled goblet. On the goblet it says Arik worlds best archmage. It is filled with juice. Lorona drinks the juice and puts it down and Grey picks it up. It then fills up with a dark substance. Grey taste it. It is Coffee.

We go to the next door that leads to the fourth floor. Dirk checks it for traps. Barrent open the door, the room is a store room. Lorona looks about and tells us that there has been an epic battle here. There are broken diamond bits and steel bits of a construct. We pick up the diamond pieces(we are not stupid). We check out the rest of the store room and nothing else.

We head down to the fifth level. Dirk checks the door and finds no traps. Barrett opens it up. Their is a large stone golem and on the walls nine pictures. Barrett closes the door. Before we enter the room, Fretnor casts Bless while Grey casts Mass Haste. Grey steps up and cast Magic Missle on it, with no damage. Brunor take pitons and spikes the door open. Kon Eb cast Lingtning Bolt on it no damage.

Barrett and Brunor step in. Lorona waits. The golem with a 10’ reach attacks Barrett and hits. Grey holds his actions. Barrett takes five steps in and attacks with 4 swings and hits with two. The Golem makes an attack of opportunity as Brunor move in which misses. Brunor attacks three times and hits twice. Grey goes and summons a Xorn. The Xorn attacks the Golem and takes a nice chunk out of it. Fretnor runs up and attacks twice, hitting only once (every bit helps). Lorona goes in and attacks four times with the longsword, hits only once. Kon Eb noing that he can do nothing to the golem looks at the paintings on the wall.

Kon Eb thinks that in one of the pictures someone looks familiar. Then looks at the South wall. He notice a multicolored dragon, a unicorn with a gold scarf and the Lady of Sorrow. He also sees an old man that he does not recognize.The golem then attacks Lorona twice and hit only once. Barrett swings four times with thud and hits twice taking it down with those power hits.

Brunor then take the piton out of the door. Grey notice that one of the paintings looks like Arik. Another is Master Iolander the teacher of Arik. The First picture is of Loris an undead. The second is Master Iolander. The third is Arik himself. The fourth is a young human woman? The fifth is a young Banthwho is dressed like a nobleman in blue. The sixth is an elfin maiden Hotits Silda. The seventh is an old looking human with a hook nose and a fierce stare, he is also bald. The eighth painting is a unicorn with a scarf around its neck. It is Lorialya Goldmaine. The nineth is a very large dragon with colorful metallic, iridescent scales. His name is Moonbreaker.

The painting themselves look like early trump cards. As usual Grey searches and Brunor searches, finding nothing.



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