Dragons, Golems, and City Walls

The team picks up right where they left off last week…fighting a Black Dragon. Grey hastes everyone except Dirk, who flies up early and scrapes the dragon’s scales before Grey fireballs it. Dirk manages to attack and hit the dragon, but loses his invisibility and surprise. The Black Dragon strikes dragon fear into Dirk, but Dirk continues attacking as the rest of the team bombards the dragon with ice lance and orb of sound (compliments of Lorona). Unfortunately, Dirk gets bitten by the dragon during his last attack. Kon Eb then does a sonic orb, while Lorona casts 6 images of himself to confuse the dragon. This ploy works as Grey hits Barret with a fly spell so he can attack from the air. Meanwhile, the dragon splashes Lorona with dragon acid as the dragon runs for cover behind city wall. Barent charges after the dragon and gets a tail slap for his troubles. To return the favor, Barret knocks the dragon to the ground in front of the city wall, killing it and crushing several enemy troops (poor saps). Adventurers 1, Bad Guys 0.

Next up, a Bear Cavalry charges the team just as the team teleports to the southeast wall to fight 3 seige golems and 8 ogres. Lorona hits one golem w/arrows while Dirk takes out an ogre. Barent rushes, attacks, and clocks another ogre that had previously bashed him. Meanwhile, Brunor kills an ogre and tries to warn Dirk not to attack a nearby golem. Lorona shoots the golem again while Dirk offs another ogre. Grey disposes of another ogre with a magic missile barrage, while Barent kills yet another ogre. All remaining ogres are killed by Kon eb’s fireball. All that’s left are the golems. Brunor clocks one, while Grey kills an ogre that suddenly appears and casts cone of cold at team members. Kon eb shoots magic missiles at golem near dirk, surprisingly doing no damage. Golems retaliate against team by tossing boulders at Kon eb, who managers to only get splash damage.

Now it’s Dirk’s turn to get some: several sharp claws nail him from golem/ogre attacks. Lorona does yet more damage with arrows. One golem remains defiant and fights on. Dirk strikes him hard and hurts him good. Barent clubs the golem next to him, while Brunor shows the golem near him what it means to ‘go to town.’

The southeast battle continues as the golem on Barent claws him, but fails to do full damage. Frethnor at this point is weak but manages to help by casting spells making easier to strike and damage. Golem on Brunor claws him, but like the golem on Barent, fails to do full damage. However, by now Brunor is hurting.

Now Old Man Grey goes medieval on the golem fighting Dirk, casting to lesser sonic orbs and killing the ugly golem. Kon eb charges the golem on Barent, whacks it, and kills it…just in time for the pretty Huge Red Dragon to crash the party. The fun continues!

Grey casts an elemental body spell on himself as the Red Dragon blows fire on to the team. Dirk sneak attacks and hits Mr. Red Dragon, but is shaken. Barent strikes and misses after taking damage from red dragon, so Brunor charges the pretty red-scaly beast, doing some extensive damage before falling to the ground. Frethnor casts chield of faith as Grey shoots a pair of cold orbs at lovely Mr. Red Dragon, sending Mr. Red Dragon crashing to the ground. Big problem over. Just as the Bear Cavalry charges the team, the team teleports out to the city tower. Adventurers 2, Bad Guys 0.

As the team recharges, Dirk scouts the battle terrain: 2 dragons and a dracolitch are disposed of, then golems are breaking through the southwest corner of the city wall. He returns to the tower and flies back carrying a Bard with a Lyre of Building to protect the wall. Barent and Grey act as Dirk’s escorts as he carries the Bard to the wall. Meanwhile, in a desire to fly the friendly skies, Brunor catapults out of the city to the Lady In Black (undead dwarf). And his short commuter flight lands him on an ogre Brunor was none too upset to flatten.

He also manages to intimidate nearby enemy troops into running off, much to his sword’s disappointment (“I wanted blood!”, sez the sword). The female dwarf Brunor approaches laughs at the scene while they head toward the southwest wall together. Meanwhile, Grey and Barent plow down threats to Dirk and the Bard. The Bard starts playing “Bob The Builder” and the wall fixes itself. Golems circle around to find another spot to attack. Dirk & the Bard hold the wall for an hour, then fly back to the tower. Adventurers 3, Bad Guys 0.

Another breach in the northeast corner creates another problem. Brunor, the Lady In Black, and Dirk evacuate all civilians from that part of the city to safety. Three blind men are spotted feeding off the terror from fleeing civilians. Brunor tells them to back off while Barent goes to the Pleasure Dome to find Frethnor and his paladin. When there, he gets kissed by Angel the Succubus, who is feeling rather frisky. Barent respectfully declines her invite for some action and continues searching for Frethnor. Meanwhile, Aton smiles as buildings start to burn.

The team, all except Barent, decide to head out and help the fleeing civilians despite being tired and low on spells. Brunor spots a mercenary dwarf and shows him the true meaning of street justice. The rest of the team goes to town on a few hundred mercenaries before retreating. The team’s stand enables all nearby civilians to reach safety. At this point, the team is completely exhausted.

Back at the Pleasure Dome, Barent finds Frethnor and his paladin and helps him bandage up injured people. Barent also persuades Pleasure Dome employees to help heal the wounded. By this point, much of the outer city is in flames, but the inner city is safe. The team has done their job. Adventurers 4, Bad Guys 0. Sorry bad guys, thanks for playing.

After a night’s rest, the team heads off to face The Beholder and his posse: hobgoblins and banths. The fun continues with Barent charging the Beholder, sliding under it and striking hard. Lorona goes to work on the Beholder and Brunor follows suit. He does the same attack as Barent and succeeds. Dirk takes to the air, sneak attacks and strikes the Beholder, who then explodes in a huge cloud of spores. Ooops. Grey looks for the real Beholder and can’t find him. Now the real Beholder appears and starts casting spells to confuse the team. Most of the team members weather this attack well and continue their fight. Barent repeats his initial attack and succeeds. Lorona zaps and kills the Beholder, much to Barent’s disappointment. Now it’s on the Beholder’s posse. Brunor polishes off 3 of them. Frethnor charges a banth and hits. Just when things couldn’t get interesting enough, Lorona hears a Summon Monster 7 spell being cast and warns the team, or tries to. Two Earth Elementals appear next to Grey & Kon eb. The team sees another green beam hitting Frethnor (Dimensional Anchor). Dirk takes to the air and turns invisible, hoping to spot the spellcaster. He does, points the spellcaster out, and charges in that direction. To be continued…



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