Back to Basics

After getting the book needed for the monks, we stay for a little over two weeks to learn some skills and wisdom from them. After discussing our ideas with our glorious leader(feh). We decided we need more information before we proceeded to the city of the dead.

We go back to Achmed (the oasis), rent camels and go back to the deep desert. we get attacked by a swarm of flying insects this time. Eventually we arrive back at the towers. We head to the room with the paintings. Grey contacts someone through the paintings on the walls and finds out he can’t contact the first and last man.

We need to go to the city of the dead next. So we head back to the oasis to pick up our mounts, much to the relief of the horses. We decide to take guard duty for a caravan heading in that direction. Two hundred gold pieces each for guard duty, why not.

After an uneventful travel we part with the caravan and head towards the city of the dead. We get approached by heavily armed mounted guards. Believe it or not they are from Slams army and want to recruit us (funny).We are polite and gather some useful information from them. More towns have been sacked and the city of the dead is over flowing with refugees.

Through a friend of Grey, we get into the city. We go to the mage’s place and a bar and other places to gather information. Our next stop might be a place where vampires hang out(Great!Who the hell is running this operation a retard?) While gathering information we find out that ___ is missing. We know that one of our contacts is or was a vampire. So where to next?



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