Golem and Statues

Using our tent inside the first floor of the tower, we leave the camels and proceed to approach a trap door. Underneath the trap door is a stairwell that is five foot wide. The stairs are going down. Dirk is taking point for he is the rouge of the group. The toweer is possible a mages tower Brunor thinks.Next after Dirk is Barrett,then Brunor then Fretnor, Grey, Kon eb, And last Lorona. Reporting back Dirk alerts us that their is a door. Apparently not locked or trapped. Barrent goes foward and slams the door open.

A small voice says “Don’t startle me like that.” With his bullseye lamp Barrett looks around and says but what said that. Grey replies “Maybe the door talked.” Apparently a stuff bear that is now climbing down off a shelf and goes and talks to Kon eb. The teddy sasy that it is bored. Grey ask “What is your name?” The bear says “You won’t like my name. My name is Morning Cresant.” Grey has a constant convesation with it. Its maker named it it. It has been hear a very long time. Hundereds of years. It said “Smeone came in through the door that you did but leftthrough a different door.”

Searching around Lorona notice that the dust hasn’t been disturbed in a while. The teddy says it wants to go with us and that there are at least seven levels down here. We decide to take it with us.It says that it is actually a Plush Golem. Being two feet tall Dirk carries it in case they meet a female.Grey searches the closet and finds a hat and boots, that is to be identified on the east side. Dirk checks the other door, it appears ok. We open the door to a dining hall. Brunor stays at the door while evryone else searchs the room. While this is happening six collumns turn into six stone women with large bastard swords.

Grey goes first, then #2, #6, #1, #5, Barrett, #4, Brunor, Kon Eb, #3, Lorona, and last is Fretnor. Grey cast Haste and then sheild both on himself. #2 does an attack on Loroneand misses. #6 attacks Barrett and misses. #1 take a flank attack on Barrett and hits ,not to bad but ouch. #5 Attacks on Grey and it missed. Barrett goes after #1 and does three attacks. They all hit for some nice damage. #4 goes and attack Kon Eband hits. Brunor goes and hits #5 2 out of 3 time. Damages it but realizes that he might break his weapons. Kon eb goes and hacks at #4 with a morningstar hit and does slight damage. Lorona goes next and cast haste on herself then attacks #2 five times with a longsword, but no damage. Fretnor cast Bless.

Grey cast Magic Missle into #5for hopefuly 18 points of damage. Then cast it again, for the first one worked, for 17 points. #2 goes and attacks Lorona and hits.#6 attacks Barrett and hits. #1 also attacks Barrett and hits. Doulbe ouch. #5 attack Grey and misses. Barrett using power attack goes after #1 for three attack and misses. #4 attacks Kon eb and hits. Brunor attacks#5 3 times and smashes it.He whispers, “Thanks Moradain.” Kon Eb then cast Sheild on himself. #3 then attacks Fretnor and hits.then Lorona goes and cast Ice Lance at #2 and does some nice damages. #2 attacks and misses. Fretnor attacks #3 and just misses.

Grey attacks #1 with a Lesser Sonic Orb and takes it down. Grey then attacks #2 and it drops. #6 attacks Barrett and misses. Barrett attacks #6 and hits twoout of three times. #4 attacks Kon Eb nasty shot with a critical hit. But kon Eb is still standing. #3 attacks Fretnor and hits. Lorona goes and cast Ice Knife_at #4and hits. She also cast _Sonic Orb and hits. Fretnor goes and cast Divine Power on himself.

Grey goes and cast lesser Sonic Orb on #4 And does damage. #6 Attacks Barrett and barely misses. Barrett Attacks right back hitting 2 out of 3 times and down goes #6. #4 attacks Lorona and misses. Brunor attacks #4 and hit 2 out of 3 down goes #4. Kon Eb cast Sonic Orb hit and does some nice damage. Lorona goes and uses a wand of magic missle on #3 it still stands.

Grey moves up and closes the distance from #3. Barrett jumps over the table gracefuly and lands next to #3 and attacks. the last one is down. grey searches the room. Time to heal and rest. Grey cast Detect Magic and looks aroud the room. Nothing. Brunor then goes up stairs to check on the camels and the dragon’s body, They are ok. We set up a system so that the first guard is up at the first floor trap door and there is a rope that leads to the second floor.



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