Dragons, Golems, and City Walls

The team picks up right where they left off last week…fighting a Black Dragon. Grey hastes everyone except Dirk, who flies up early and scrapes the dragon’s scales before Grey fireballs it. Dirk manages to attack and hit the dragon, but loses his invisibility and surprise. The Black Dragon strikes dragon fear into Dirk, but Dirk continues attacking as the rest of the team bombards the dragon with ice lance and orb of sound (compliments of Lorona). Unfortunately, Dirk gets bitten by the dragon during his last attack. Kon Eb then does a sonic orb, while Lorona casts 6 images of himself to confuse the dragon. This ploy works as Grey hits Barret with a fly spell so he can attack from the air. Meanwhile, the dragon splashes Lorona with dragon acid as the dragon runs for cover behind city wall. Barent charges after the dragon and gets a tail slap for his troubles. To return the favor, Barret knocks the dragon to the ground in front of the city wall, killing it and crushing several enemy troops (poor saps). Adventurers 1, Bad Guys 0.

Next up, a Bear Cavalry charges the team just as the team teleports to the southeast wall to fight 3 seige golems and 8 ogres. Lorona hits one golem w/arrows while Dirk takes out an ogre. Barent rushes, attacks, and clocks another ogre that had previously bashed him. Meanwhile, Brunor kills an ogre and tries to warn Dirk not to attack a nearby golem. Lorona shoots the golem again while Dirk offs another ogre. Grey disposes of another ogre with a magic missile barrage, while Barent kills yet another ogre. All remaining ogres are killed by Kon eb’s fireball. All that’s left are the golems. Brunor clocks one, while Grey kills an ogre that suddenly appears and casts cone of cold at team members. Kon eb shoots magic missiles at golem near dirk, surprisingly doing no damage. Golems retaliate against team by tossing boulders at Kon eb, who managers to only get splash damage.

Now it’s Dirk’s turn to get some: several sharp claws nail him from golem/ogre attacks. Lorona does yet more damage with arrows. One golem remains defiant and fights on. Dirk strikes him hard and hurts him good. Barent clubs the golem next to him, while Brunor shows the golem near him what it means to ‘go to town.’

The southeast battle continues as the golem on Barent claws him, but fails to do full damage. Frethnor at this point is weak but manages to help by casting spells making easier to strike and damage. Golem on Brunor claws him, but like the golem on Barent, fails to do full damage. However, by now Brunor is hurting.

Now Old Man Grey goes medieval on the golem fighting Dirk, casting to lesser sonic orbs and killing the ugly golem. Kon eb charges the golem on Barent, whacks it, and kills it…just in time for the pretty Huge Red Dragon to crash the party. The fun continues!

Grey casts an elemental body spell on himself as the Red Dragon blows fire on to the team. Dirk sneak attacks and hits Mr. Red Dragon, but is shaken. Barent strikes and misses after taking damage from red dragon, so Brunor charges the pretty red-scaly beast, doing some extensive damage before falling to the ground. Frethnor casts chield of faith as Grey shoots a pair of cold orbs at lovely Mr. Red Dragon, sending Mr. Red Dragon crashing to the ground. Big problem over. Just as the Bear Cavalry charges the team, the team teleports out to the city tower. Adventurers 2, Bad Guys 0.

As the team recharges, Dirk scouts the battle terrain: 2 dragons and a dracolitch are disposed of, then golems are breaking through the southwest corner of the city wall. He returns to the tower and flies back carrying a Bard with a Lyre of Building to protect the wall. Barent and Grey act as Dirk’s escorts as he carries the Bard to the wall. Meanwhile, in a desire to fly the friendly skies, Brunor catapults out of the city to the Lady In Black (undead dwarf). And his short commuter flight lands him on an ogre Brunor was none too upset to flatten.

He also manages to intimidate nearby enemy troops into running off, much to his sword’s disappointment (“I wanted blood!”, sez the sword). The female dwarf Brunor approaches laughs at the scene while they head toward the southwest wall together. Meanwhile, Grey and Barent plow down threats to Dirk and the Bard. The Bard starts playing “Bob The Builder” and the wall fixes itself. Golems circle around to find another spot to attack. Dirk & the Bard hold the wall for an hour, then fly back to the tower. Adventurers 3, Bad Guys 0.

Another breach in the northeast corner creates another problem. Brunor, the Lady In Black, and Dirk evacuate all civilians from that part of the city to safety. Three blind men are spotted feeding off the terror from fleeing civilians. Brunor tells them to back off while Barent goes to the Pleasure Dome to find Frethnor and his paladin. When there, he gets kissed by Angel the Succubus, who is feeling rather frisky. Barent respectfully declines her invite for some action and continues searching for Frethnor. Meanwhile, Aton smiles as buildings start to burn.

The team, all except Barent, decide to head out and help the fleeing civilians despite being tired and low on spells. Brunor spots a mercenary dwarf and shows him the true meaning of street justice. The rest of the team goes to town on a few hundred mercenaries before retreating. The team’s stand enables all nearby civilians to reach safety. At this point, the team is completely exhausted.

Back at the Pleasure Dome, Barent finds Frethnor and his paladin and helps him bandage up injured people. Barent also persuades Pleasure Dome employees to help heal the wounded. By this point, much of the outer city is in flames, but the inner city is safe. The team has done their job. Adventurers 4, Bad Guys 0. Sorry bad guys, thanks for playing.

After a night’s rest, the team heads off to face The Beholder and his posse: hobgoblins and banths. The fun continues with Barent charging the Beholder, sliding under it and striking hard. Lorona goes to work on the Beholder and Brunor follows suit. He does the same attack as Barent and succeeds. Dirk takes to the air, sneak attacks and strikes the Beholder, who then explodes in a huge cloud of spores. Ooops. Grey looks for the real Beholder and can’t find him. Now the real Beholder appears and starts casting spells to confuse the team. Most of the team members weather this attack well and continue their fight. Barent repeats his initial attack and succeeds. Lorona zaps and kills the Beholder, much to Barent’s disappointment. Now it’s on the Beholder’s posse. Brunor polishes off 3 of them. Frethnor charges a banth and hits. Just when things couldn’t get interesting enough, Lorona hears a Summon Monster 7 spell being cast and warns the team, or tries to. Two Earth Elementals appear next to Grey & Kon eb. The team sees another green beam hitting Frethnor (Dimensional Anchor). Dirk takes to the air and turns invisible, hoping to spot the spellcaster. He does, points the spellcaster out, and charges in that direction. To be continued…

Scorpian Catapults

We teleport in and there are two golems(siege) and 10 goblins and hobgoblins and a few banths, we get surprise. Bruenor runs all out and jumps on to one of the golems. The golem hit on his attack of opportunity. Fretnor cast Bless, Lorona shoots a banth and it dies.Grey cast magic missile and kills one goblin. Dirk goes invisible. Barrent goes and cleaves a banth in two with his war hammer Thud then attacks the next one. Kon Eb cast Fireball kills three. Yelling out to Bruenor that he got three compared to his one.

Bruenor goes and hit twice for some damage. Fretnor goes and hit a banth. Lorona attacks a banth and down goes the banth. One of the golem goes and shoots a boulder at Kon Eb. He misses but Kon Eb takes shrapnel damage from the boulder. Grey summons a fire elemental on the other golem. Dirk attacks the golem that Bruenor is on and hits. The first golem attacks Bruenor twice and misses. Then uses his catapult and shoots another boulder at Kon Eb. Who take more splash damage. A banth then attaks Fretnor and misses. A hobgoblin attacks Fretnor and misses. Dirk gets an attack of opportunity on the hobgoblin misses. It attacks Fretnor and misses. Barrent goes and charges the enemies on Fretnor. He kills one then cleaves the other one killing it. Kon Eb pulls out his +3 morning star and charges the golem. Hitting the golem.

Bruenor attacks three times and hit with them. Fretnor moves up and attacks the golem. The golem get an attack of opportunity and hits. Fretnor returns the favor. Lorona shoots arrows at the golem with the fire elemntal on it, all three hit. The same golem shoots a boulder at Lorona and hit her with splash damage.Grey gets attaked they miss. Grey cast something at the golem with the fire elemental on it. Dirk goes after one of the golems hit on one attack and misses on the other. The first golem tries to throw Bruenor off, but he only did damage when moving. Dirk, Fretnor and Barrent gets an attack of opportunity on it and it goes down.Barrent moves toward the other golem and waits for Kon Eb. Kon Eb cast Ray of Deanimation and kills it. However, we are spotted by a black dragon.

Special Assignments

We are sent out to take care of the earth elementals. We teleport to the area of the huge earth elementals. Grey cast off a scroll Dismissal and one of them goes away. Bruenor and Barret attack one and does some damage. Fretnor casts Bless, Dirk and Lorona uses and hit. End of surprise.

Lorona uses a wand Orb of Sound. Gray cast Magic Missles. Bruenor attacks and hits with all three, doing some nice damage. Barrent goes and also hits with all three attacks. The fight goes on. We take out the three elemnetals and decide to leavethe for there are 100+ creatures heading this way.

We sleep for the night and get our next mission. It appears there is a sniper we need to find and take care of him or her or it now. Dirk uses the gem of true seeing to scout the area, but does not see the sniper. We teleport to the area and start scouting around the area. Dirk and Bruenor are invisbible. Let’s go hunting for Sniper.

We arrive and barrent gets an arrow in the chest, and we don’t see the poop. Barrent then goes for cover and more arrows head his direction. Lorona tells Kon Eb which direction the arrows came from and how far. Kon Eb cast Fireball at the area and hit something. Fretnor cast Prayer. Bruenor searches, Lorona cast haste, then takes a blind shotwith the bow and hits. The Sniper move and Bruenor sees him. tells Fretnor to inform the group after this spell no area affect spells.

Kon Eb cast Fireball again, misses for he targeted the wrong area. Bruenor move all out trying to get to the area. Lorona shoots her arrows one goes right through the eye and kills the elven sniper. Bruenor picks up the elf and we teleport back to the tower. There we do a cavaty search on the fallen sniper. We find a magic bow; magic quiver; magic leather armor; magical +3 ring of defense; some gold.

Archon send in the elite guard(undead. By the time the fighting is done about 100,000 enemies are is the elite guard. Our next assignment is to go to the Northwestwall where scorpian golems are attacking.

The War Begins

During our meeting with the Archon, messenger comes in saying that Slan’s army is marching on the city to make war with Archon. Archon asks Aton to scout, “Yeah right. Not!” is the reply. The Archon turns to us and Grey says “What do you want us to do?” The Archon uses one of his trump cards to try and contact Slan. We only hear part of the conversation. The Archon asks us if we want to do some recon. Dirk volunteers.

Dirk takes an invisibility potion and flies over Slan’s army. Dirk reports back to us. His army is coming from the north road with catapults, some type of wooden scorpion, self propelled ram or something. A beholder, three red dragons, two black dragons huge or better, troop size 100,000 men, 100,000 goblins & hobgoblins. A mixture of banth, bugbears and gnolls about 300,000 give or take. 10,000 Calvary and 1,000 war bear Calvary.

The city has 100,00 refugees about 25% could fight. 300,00 alive, 100,000 undead which about 33% of both could fight. and 10,000 elite undead which could fight. Loris comes in to where we are now followed by Samantha followed by Lady Fane, then Balthazar then Malichi. we start discussing tactics. Start handing out potions to who can use them and any equipment.

Finding out That the past Archon won’t allow the present Archon to retrieve the 10,000elite dead. We try and talk to them, but they don’t budge. The present Archon draws his sword and attacks the servants of the dead. One of the servants attacks and dies so do the rest of the servants of the dead. The last Archon attack the the first Archon and cuts his head off then eats his brain.(Disgusting) By eating the brain the Archon gets the knowledge needed to summon the 10,000 elite undead.

Bruenor and the Archon return to the tower and sees the approach of the army. Talking to the Archon, Bruenor sets up a line of credit for all of us to buy equipment we might need. Grey suggest that we buy scrolls of elemental immunity fire; Acid; Grey cast the spells on us at 8 p.m. and night falls.

It seams that the children of the night did not abounded the city. Lady Fane leads a night raid on the enemy. We learn that earth elementals are digging trenches to help the enemy.

Uhg! Vampires.

We make it to the temple. The gates are rusted open. Oddly enough the temple is shaped like an Onk.When we approach the alter we hear the clinking of armor from behind us.Breunor turns around and sees a vampire coming down from the ceiling, saying ” Ah! Fresh meat.”

Breunor then yells “Kon Eb behind you on your right, I’m moving up.” Breunor move up and hit her. The battle then ensues. With Fretnor, Breunor,Grey and Kon Eb losing two levels.

After dispensing with them, we quickly follow the mist to the catacombs and search the coffins. Dirks finds one and stacks it,Breunor also finds one and stakes it. Kon Eb tells Breunor to help him load these two coffins into his Sky cloak. Fretnor cast Detect Evil. He find an emanating radiance from behind the wall at the end of the corridor.

They hear “You Best not have hurt my children,” coming from behind them. Breunor heads towards Fretnor while Barret heads forward to meet the threat. Grey cast Charm Monster it works, but breaks when gray asked something about Aton.the rest then attack the head vampire called Pirar Von Macht. Bruenor run and launches himself at the wall behind his shield. taking it down. Fretnor then moves in cuts himself on his hand or arm, Breunor could not see. This allows Aton to feed. Meanwhile, the others are attacking Macht. When Aton is free Macht senses it and says that they do not know what they have done. Brenor tells Aton about Macht who then cast quicken _ Disintegrate _. Macht is gone.Leaves for five minutes. Brenor gives Fretnor a cure Serious Wound potion. Fretnor then cast lesser restoration on the ones who lost levels.

Aton then returns, he then anwsers questions. He then wants us to take him to saint Cuthberts temple. Who are we to refuse. We then enter the temple much to the surprise of the priests and patrons that were in there. Breunor then ask him if he wants to o for a walk. the party then heads out to see the Archon. We get to the gate when we are asked who we are and do we have an appointment. Without cracking a smile Brunor then introduces himself then Aton. One guard races down the hallway and soon comes back with more guards.

We are then taken to the Archon. He ask what are aton intentions. He tells him. we discuss the goings on. Breunor then ask about the Archon intentions towards the temple. He ask if he can have it. After a little persuading he is allowed to have it. After all this a guard comes in and tells the Archon that there is an army marching on the city.

The Blind

We are on the look out for Arkahn. We discuss where to look for him. which seems like hours to Kon Eb, but in real time is twenty minutes. We decide to go to the bone yard by way of Set’s temple.

On the way there we hear a scream.(Hopefully someone will hold Barret back) We move up and see a woman surrounded by seven humans, we think. Barret takes out Thud. The leader takes off his gnome made sunglasses. Grey is shaken, Everyone else is okay.The leader has no eyes instead there are chattering teeth. Lorona takes out two swords. The leader cast Haste then sheild.

Lorona moves up and attacks the nearest. The thug goes down.The one next to it attacks Lorona for some damage. Breunor runs and jumps over them to get at the ones in the back. Two thugs went after him. They both miss. Barrent goes after the leader. He jumps over the thugs and gets one attack and gets a hit. Kon eb cast Chain Missle which hit three of them and stops at the leader. A thug moves up and attacks Bruenor.

The leader cast Phantamsl Killer and Mirror Image. Lorona attacks and hit one nicely. One thug hit Lorona. Breunor goes and hits three times taking his down.Then attacks another. Grey cast Haste and then sommuns four Xorns.The Xorns attack the mirro images, the images disappears. Barret attacks the one on him then goes after the leader. Kon Eb cast Magic Missle on a thug and he bites the dust. Fretnor tries turning undead and succeeds.

The wizard cast Cone Of Cold catching Barrent partialy, and the innocent bystader. He follows up with fear. Hitting Kon Eb and two Xorns.Kon eb turns and goes in the opposite way that he leader is. Brenor goes and attacks one and fells it.He tells a Xorn to move out of the way. The leader takes damage from the Xorns. Grey cast Prysmatic Ray from a scroll. No damage on the leader. Barret misses on his first attack and hit one. Fretnor get to the bystander and cast Cure Moderate Wounds.

The wizard cast Glittering Dust which outlines Lorona and Fretnor. He then cast fireball. Lorona uses her bow and take out the leader with a nice shot. Breunor goes looking for Kon Eb for he is the only one that notice that he is gone. Grey ransacks the corpses. (Figures). We talk to the guards that come up . It turns out that the undead were a gruop that is called the Blind. For they all have weird things where there eyes should be. We escort the bystander home and then back track to Set’s temple.

Back to Basics

After getting the book needed for the monks, we stay for a little over two weeks to learn some skills and wisdom from them. After discussing our ideas with our glorious leader(feh). We decided we need more information before we proceeded to the city of the dead.

We go back to Achmed (the oasis), rent camels and go back to the deep desert. we get attacked by a swarm of flying insects this time. Eventually we arrive back at the towers. We head to the room with the paintings. Grey contacts someone through the paintings on the walls and finds out he can’t contact the first and last man.

We need to go to the city of the dead next. So we head back to the oasis to pick up our mounts, much to the relief of the horses. We decide to take guard duty for a caravan heading in that direction. Two hundred gold pieces each for guard duty, why not.

After an uneventful travel we part with the caravan and head towards the city of the dead. We get approached by heavily armed mounted guards. Believe it or not they are from Slams army and want to recruit us (funny).We are polite and gather some useful information from them. More towns have been sacked and the city of the dead is over flowing with refugees.

Through a friend of Grey, we get into the city. We go to the mage’s place and a bar and other places to gather information. Our next stop might be a place where vampires hang out(Great!Who the hell is running this operation a retard?) While gathering information we find out that ___ is missing. We know that one of our contacts is or was a vampire. So where to next?

Golem and the Paintings

Lorona and Fretnor watches go OK. On Grey and Barrett’ s watch, Barrett misses a check in at the two hour mark. Grey investigates and finds out that Barrett was nodding off. The rest of the watch goes uneventful. On third watch Kon Eb is up stairs and Brunor is downstairs, it was uneventful.

In the morning we head to the third floor. Dirk checks the door for traps and Barrett opens the door and as we walk into what appears to be a kitchen. Lorona sees paw prints in the dust.Possibly a dogs print. Brunor and everyone else searches and find another door and a barrel full of water. Grey open the door , it is a bathroom. The barrel is one of ever filled fresh water. Lorona searches the cupboards and finds silverware. A jeweled goblet. On the goblet it says Arik worlds best archmage. It is filled with juice. Lorona drinks the juice and puts it down and Grey picks it up. It then fills up with a dark substance. Grey taste it. It is Coffee.

We go to the next door that leads to the fourth floor. Dirk checks it for traps. Barrent open the door, the room is a store room. Lorona looks about and tells us that there has been an epic battle here. There are broken diamond bits and steel bits of a construct. We pick up the diamond pieces(we are not stupid). We check out the rest of the store room and nothing else.

We head down to the fifth level. Dirk checks the door and finds no traps. Barrett opens it up. Their is a large stone golem and on the walls nine pictures. Barrett closes the door. Before we enter the room, Fretnor casts Bless while Grey casts Mass Haste. Grey steps up and cast Magic Missle on it, with no damage. Brunor take pitons and spikes the door open. Kon Eb cast Lingtning Bolt on it no damage.

Barrett and Brunor step in. Lorona waits. The golem with a 10’ reach attacks Barrett and hits. Grey holds his actions. Barrett takes five steps in and attacks with 4 swings and hits with two. The Golem makes an attack of opportunity as Brunor move in which misses. Brunor attacks three times and hits twice. Grey goes and summons a Xorn. The Xorn attacks the Golem and takes a nice chunk out of it. Fretnor runs up and attacks twice, hitting only once (every bit helps). Lorona goes in and attacks four times with the longsword, hits only once. Kon Eb noing that he can do nothing to the golem looks at the paintings on the wall.

Kon Eb thinks that in one of the pictures someone looks familiar. Then looks at the South wall. He notice a multicolored dragon, a unicorn with a gold scarf and the Lady of Sorrow. He also sees an old man that he does not recognize.The golem then attacks Lorona twice and hit only once. Barrett swings four times with thud and hits twice taking it down with those power hits.

Brunor then take the piton out of the door. Grey notice that one of the paintings looks like Arik. Another is Master Iolander the teacher of Arik. The First picture is of Loris an undead. The second is Master Iolander. The third is Arik himself. The fourth is a young human woman? The fifth is a young Banthwho is dressed like a nobleman in blue. The sixth is an elfin maiden Hotits Silda. The seventh is an old looking human with a hook nose and a fierce stare, he is also bald. The eighth painting is a unicorn with a scarf around its neck. It is Lorialya Goldmaine. The nineth is a very large dragon with colorful metallic, iridescent scales. His name is Moonbreaker.

The painting themselves look like early trump cards. As usual Grey searches and Brunor searches, finding nothing.

Golem and Statues

Using our tent inside the first floor of the tower, we leave the camels and proceed to approach a trap door. Underneath the trap door is a stairwell that is five foot wide. The stairs are going down. Dirk is taking point for he is the rouge of the group. The toweer is possible a mages tower Brunor thinks.Next after Dirk is Barrett,then Brunor then Fretnor, Grey, Kon eb, And last Lorona. Reporting back Dirk alerts us that their is a door. Apparently not locked or trapped. Barrent goes foward and slams the door open.

A small voice says “Don’t startle me like that.” With his bullseye lamp Barrett looks around and says but what said that. Grey replies “Maybe the door talked.” Apparently a stuff bear that is now climbing down off a shelf and goes and talks to Kon eb. The teddy sasy that it is bored. Grey ask “What is your name?” The bear says “You won’t like my name. My name is Morning Cresant.” Grey has a constant convesation with it. Its maker named it it. It has been hear a very long time. Hundereds of years. It said “Smeone came in through the door that you did but leftthrough a different door.”

Searching around Lorona notice that the dust hasn’t been disturbed in a while. The teddy says it wants to go with us and that there are at least seven levels down here. We decide to take it with us.It says that it is actually a Plush Golem. Being two feet tall Dirk carries it in case they meet a female.Grey searches the closet and finds a hat and boots, that is to be identified on the east side. Dirk checks the other door, it appears ok. We open the door to a dining hall. Brunor stays at the door while evryone else searchs the room. While this is happening six collumns turn into six stone women with large bastard swords.

Grey goes first, then #2, #6, #1, #5, Barrett, #4, Brunor, Kon Eb, #3, Lorona, and last is Fretnor. Grey cast Haste and then sheild both on himself. #2 does an attack on Loroneand misses. #6 attacks Barrett and misses. #1 take a flank attack on Barrett and hits ,not to bad but ouch. #5 Attacks on Grey and it missed. Barrett goes after #1 and does three attacks. They all hit for some nice damage. #4 goes and attack Kon Eband hits. Brunor goes and hits #5 2 out of 3 time. Damages it but realizes that he might break his weapons. Kon eb goes and hacks at #4 with a morningstar hit and does slight damage. Lorona goes next and cast haste on herself then attacks #2 five times with a longsword, but no damage. Fretnor cast Bless.

Grey cast Magic Missle into #5for hopefuly 18 points of damage. Then cast it again, for the first one worked, for 17 points. #2 goes and attacks Lorona and hits.#6 attacks Barrett and hits. #1 also attacks Barrett and hits. Doulbe ouch. #5 attack Grey and misses. Barrett using power attack goes after #1 for three attack and misses. #4 attacks Kon eb and hits. Brunor attacks#5 3 times and smashes it.He whispers, “Thanks Moradain.” Kon Eb then cast Sheild on himself. #3 then attacks Fretnor and hits.then Lorona goes and cast Ice Lance at #2 and does some nice damages. #2 attacks and misses. Fretnor attacks #3 and just misses.

Grey attacks #1 with a Lesser Sonic Orb and takes it down. Grey then attacks #2 and it drops. #6 attacks Barrett and misses. Barrett attacks #6 and hits twoout of three times. #4 attacks Kon Eb nasty shot with a critical hit. But kon Eb is still standing. #3 attacks Fretnor and hits. Lorona goes and cast Ice Knife_at #4and hits. She also cast _Sonic Orb and hits. Fretnor goes and cast Divine Power on himself.

Grey goes and cast lesser Sonic Orb on #4 And does damage. #6 Attacks Barrett and barely misses. Barrett Attacks right back hitting 2 out of 3 times and down goes #6. #4 attacks Lorona and misses. Brunor attacks #4 and hit 2 out of 3 down goes #4. Kon Eb cast Sonic Orb hit and does some nice damage. Lorona goes and uses a wand of magic missle on #3 it still stands.

Grey moves up and closes the distance from #3. Barrett jumps over the table gracefuly and lands next to #3 and attacks. the last one is down. grey searches the room. Time to heal and rest. Grey cast Detect Magic and looks aroud the room. Nothing. Brunor then goes up stairs to check on the camels and the dragon’s body, They are ok. We set up a system so that the first guard is up at the first floor trap door and there is a rope that leads to the second floor.

Why Is It Always Dragons?

Just before the break in our journey (midday) Lorona sees 2 spires in the distance. Grey reminds us that “Whoever has the stolen map is either following us or is waiting for us.” Brunor asks “Should we stop now or continue?” Barrett suggest to the rest that “We should break for camp.” Brunor starts starts to groom his camel. Which looks at him nervously. Brunor not knowing that the people in the desert have sex with their camels(yuck). The camel relizes that brunor has no intention of humping it, relaxes.

The camp goes uneventful. We wake in the morning and travel for… about two hours and notice that in the distance the spires are not getting closer after three hours. It finally appears that we are getting closer to our destination. It is now getting dark so we break for camp. According to the map this should be the place.

Fist watch is Fretnor and Lorona. Their watch goes peacefuly. Second watch has Grey and Barrett. Barrent hears a fwhomph in the night. Like something is flying. However, nothing happens , their watch goes peacefuly. Third watch is Kon Eb and Brunor. Brunor sees something fly pass the cresant moon. Brunor who is no dummy points this out to Kon Eb. Kon Eb at first doubt his friend for he did not see it in the spot that Brunor indicated. But as he turns his head he sees the outline of the flying creature. They both watch as the creature lands on top of one of the spires. It then looks around and disappears.

In the morning They inform the rest of the party as they break camp. Grey using arcane knowledge says “It could be a Copper Dragon or a Blue Dragon if indeed it was a dragon.” Fretnor asks “What can we do to make preperations in case we are attacked by that thing that they saw last night?” Grey response “We might not have to fight it.” “I hope. I hope. I hope” Brunor mumbles to himself.

The party travels for about 45 minutes to an hour, til they then reach the spires. The spires are about 50’ at the baseand 120’ high. They don’t see any dragons yet. We all start to search. Lorona notice a debree pile or something in the distance about a half amile away in the distacne. We go to investigate. Same marching order as before. When we approach it, it appears to be a third spire that is smashed and broken. As we aproach it a large blue dragon burst out of it and prepares for a fight.

Barrett goes first, moves to his left away from us. Fretnor goes next and cast Prayer. Kon Eb dismounts and cast Fire Sheild on himself and moves 15’ to his right. Brunor then dismounts and moves 25’ to the right of the group. The dragon flies about 60’ to his right and yells “How dare you!!!” Lands and breath’s a lightnig boltat Kon Eb and Barrent who gets hurt by about 54 points worth. Which almost drop’s Kon Eb. Lorona dismounts and casts Mirror Image. Grey dismounts and then casts_ Bigsby’s Interposing Hand_, keeping the shimmering hand between himself and the dragon.

Barrett waits for Fretnor, who cast Heal on Barrent. Barretts says “Thanks” as he then charge and get an attack. The dragon takes his attack of oppertunity at Barrett and hits.(Ouch! That one hurt him.) Barrett swings Thud and hits (nice) “Back you big a@&*$@!.” Barrett is then shaken as he realizes that he is fighting a Blue Dragon. So he yells out his battle cry for his moral “For Gorak!” Kon Eb cast Hail Stones on the dragon which hit nicely. Brunor charges and swings and also hits nicely. The dragon enrages attacks Barrent with a claw, claw, bite combo and hits all three times. Barrent still stands. (Thats why you cast spells on your tanks.) Lorona with mirror Image still up Shoots four time and hits twice. (Not bad for a ranger.) Grey Moves up and cast _Cold Orb. It actualy gets through the spell resistance.

Fretnor moves and cast Hold Monster, this time it doesn’t work. Barrett attacks four times and hits twice for some nice damage. Kon Eb goes and cast Sonic Orb doing some damage. Brunor goes all out and attacks4 times. Three out of four hits nicely. Now on its last legs the dragonattacks barrentwith the combo claw, claw, bite and hits. Barrent is a real mess, but still standing. Lorona cast 2 _Lesser Sonic Orbs_and the dragon dies.

Barrett then falls to the ground and yells “Healer! I need a healer!” Fretnor then runs over and cast_heal_ on him. Grey then take about a half gallon of the dragons blood. Brunor then hammers out four canine teeth and takes out enough scales for a large sheild. We find the dragon’s hoard in one of the broken part of the tower. Which we of course take. While this is going on Lorona tracks down our camels and brings them back.


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